What’s the perfect time to heat a stroopwafel on top of my mug coffee or tea?
For about a minute, depending on the temperature of your drink. But don’t wait too long, or it may get so soft it falls in!

I’ve got a nut & peanut allergy, can I eat stroopwafels?
Yes, our stroopwafels are free of tree nuts and peanuts.

Can I buy Daelmans stroopwafels online?
Yes, for sure! We even ship worldwide, so you can also surprise your friends or family abroad! Visit www.stroopwafelsbydaelmans.com

I’m a vegetarian, can I eat stroopwafels?
Yes, our stroopwafels are vegetarian. veg

Where are Daelmans stroopwafels produced?
In Oss, in the Netherlands.

Bourbon vanilla is one of the ingredients of the stroopwafel, does it contain alcohol?
No, “Bourbon” was the name of one of the Madagascar Islands.  It is on those islands where this particular type of vanilla is grown, and after which it is named.  The island of Bourbon was eventually renamed “Reunion,” so you can’t find Bourbon on a map anymore.  The use of “Bourbon” is simply an origin claim like you sometimes see “Tahitian” vanilla, “Vermont Maple Syrup,” “Vidalia Onion,” etc.  “Bourbon” ensures a certain set of unique flavour characteristics and represents the high level of quality.

Where can I buy Daelmans stroopwafels?
You can buy our stroopwafels in more then 30 countries. In the Netherlands mainly at tourist attractions. You may also be surprised to find them in hotels and restaurants, where a stroopwafel may be served with your coffee. In the U.S you can find our stroopwafels Target, Harris Teeter and the Fresh Market. In the UK, at Tesco & Coop. Can’t find Daelmans stroopwafels in your store around the corner? No worries, you can order them 24/7 online at our webshop.


What’s Daelmans Group doing for sustainability?
We want to contribute to the common good by showing respect for the earth and mankind. That’s why we participate in several sustainability programs. For example we’re using 100% sustainable palm oil in our products. The RSPO logo can be found on all of our packs. Next to that, we’re also UTZ certified.

Am I allowed to use the information and pictures used on this website?
We’ve got the rights of all content on this website. If you would like to use anything, please contact us and let us know the purpose.

I’ve got a great picture with Daelmans stroopwafels. Would you like me to send it?
Yes, we’d love that! You can reach us through the social media channels. And we keep track of all the places where stroopwafel pics have been made at Pinterest, so let us know where you’ve taken the picture!

I’ve got a delicious stroopwafel recipe. May I share this with you?
Yes, we’ll be more then happy to see your creation! You can reach us through our social media channels. Maybe we’ll even add it to our website.

I wrote a blog about your stroopwafels. Are you interested in reading this?
Yes, definitely. You can reach us through our social media channels. Big chance we’ll share it with all of our fans!

I’ve got a business request. Who may I contact?
Please click here for more information.

Can’t find your question here?
Please feel free to contact us through the contact form.