Tommy Walton

Daelmans Stroopwafels - Tommy Walton (1)
Introducing our brand ambassador

Founder of Chicago’s award-winning high-fashion design duo PriceWalton, Tommy Walton is a renowned multifaceted, interdisciplinary designer & teacher, who blends the genres of fashion design, object design, culinary arts and performance.

In 2015, he was cast as a contestant on the FOX blockbuster hit TV show MasterChef. A player in Chicago’s restaurant renaissance, Tommy has become a sought after culinary artist extraordinaire. His eclectic VIP Pop-Up Chef’s Tastings have become legend.

Tommy absolutely loves Daelmans stroopwafels and was excited to become our first Brand Ambassador. He makes appearances on tv segments in the USA including Good Morning Washington (WJLA) and Good Day DC (FOX 5). Besides his televised appearances, Tommy creates some amazing stroopwafels recipes, which can be found at the end of this page and makes appearances at national trade shows on behalf of Daelmans.

We are very happy to have Tommy join our team and excited about future events and collaborations with Tommy. See our fun Brand Ambassador introductory video below!

Tommy Walton visits Amsterdam

Tommy Walton’s fabulous recipes

Stroopwafel Pistachio Pops

Everybody loves Daelmans and who doesn’t love pistachios?! Put them both together, and have a STROOPWAFEL PARTY POP! KidZ will go KRAZEE & SO WILL YOU!!!

Stroopwafel Banofee Trifle

Bananas Foster is a New Orleans classic!  You’ll celebrate like Mardi Gras with this jazzy combo of bananas, rum, and toasted almonds, all dancing together in a delicious stroopwafel sticky toffee cream.

Stroopwafel Café Panna Cotta

Do you dream of cookies and cream?? Here’s a way to update your childhood favorite with flair. Panna Cotta is the classic Italian dessert of “cooked cream.” 

stroopwafel Sweet Potato Brûlée

Your Grandmother’s Thanksgiving recipes are on the table, and this traditional combo is true Americana.

Stroopwafel Spiced Apple Fantasia

Apples won’t fall too far from the tree if you cradle them on a bed of Daelmans stroopwafels. Stroopwafels make a luxurious crust for this elegant & artistic confection of spiced apples to rest upon.

Strawberry Stroopwafel Mousse

Daelmans delivers the decadent crunch to this light & fluffy treat. The tartness of strawberry, and a fluff of whipped cream, will be a dollop of delight, with a stroopwafel swirled in the mix.

Blueberry Lavender Cheesecake

Enjoy the essence of springtime. The subtle soft scent of calming Lavender, competes with the bold flavor & crispy crunch of The Daelmans Chocolate stroopwafel.