Strawberry Stroopwafel Mousse

Daelmans delivers the decadent crunch to this light & fluffy treat. It’s as quick and easy to make, as it is to eat. The tartness of strawberry, and a fluff of whipped cream, will be a dollop of delight, with a stroopwafel swirled in the mix. FYI: Strawberry Stroopwafel Mousse is a showstopping topping on a mini-stroopwafel. Pass them on a tray at your next soiree! 

Strawberry Stroopwafel Mousse:

| 3 Cups of Fresh Strawberries (All cleaned, hulled, sliced & rough chopped)
|  2 Cups of Whipping Cream
| 1/2 Teaspoon of Bourbon Vanilla
| 1/8 cup of Sugar
| 6 Large Daelmans Caramel Stroopwafels (Roughly Crushed & Chopped into small pieces)
| 4 Mini Stroopwafels for Garnish
| 4 Strawberries for Garnish
| Fresh Mint Leaves


DO AHEAD: Reserve 1 & 1/2 cup of strawberries. Place in small saucepan with sugar, and bring to a simmer. Cook for about 5 minutes over low heat until mixture resemble preserves. Cool & set aside in fridge.

1. Soak 1and1/2 cups Sliced Strawberries in cream overnight in fridge.
2. Strain Strawberry Cream through a fine sieve.
3. Add sugar & vanilla & whip cream into stiff peaks.
4. Fold in cooked & cooled strawberries to make mousse.
5. Fold 2 Crushed Stroopwafels into Strawberry Mousse.
4. Spoon into serving dishes. Garnish with a strawberry, & a Daelmans Mini-Stroopwafel. …SERVE

For a fancy gourmet presentation:
1.Melt White Chocolate Chips in small pan.
2. Use pastry brush to lightly coat inside of silicone molds with melted white chocolate. (Add a dot of red food color as you paint & swirl white chocolate to coat) CHILL.
3. When chilled, un-mold white chocolate “bombshell”.
4. Spoon or Pipe to fill shell with Strawberry Mousse.
5. Place filled white chocolate shell, open side down, atop Daelmans Caramel Stroopwafel. Garnish & SERVE.


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