Café Panna Cotta

Do you dream of cookies and cream?? Here’s a way to update your childhood favorite with flair. Panna Cotta is the classic Italian dessert of “cooked cream.” Infuse & sweeten the cream with stroopwafels & you’ll suddenly feel all grown up! Gordon Ramsay said, “Tommy’s Panna Cotta is THE MOST SUMPTUOUS in the history of the MasterChef kitchen!”

Stroopwafel Café Panna Cotta:

| 2 Daelmans Caramel Stroopwafels (Original Large size)
| 2  Teaspoons Plain Gelatin (from 1 envelope)1/4 Cup Water
| 1/2  Cup hot Espresso Coffee
| 1 1/2 Cups Half-and-Half or Heavy Cream
| 1/4 Cup of Half-and Half or Heavy Cream (see *NOTE)
| 2 Tablespoons Sugar (or less to taste)
| 2 Daelmans Mini Stroopwafel Caramel Bites
| Coffee Beans for Garnish


1. Break apart & steep 2 Daelmans Caramel Stroopwafels in Half-and-Half or cream in a small saucepan. Heat for 10 minutes on stovetop until hot and scalded. DO NOT BOIL Half-and-Half mixture. Stir occasionally to blend mixture. Set aside and let cool. Strain mixture through a fine sieve and reserve.
*NOTE: Add more cream as needed to make 1 and 1/2 cups of mixture in total.
2. Moisten gelatin powder with the water in a small bowl. Heat in microwave oven for 30 seconds until dissolved.
3. Mix the sugar with the espresso in a medium bowl until dissolved. Add the gelatin mixture and stir well with a rubber spatula.
4. Mix in the Stroopwafel Half-and-Half mixture and stir well.
5. Spray silicone or glass molds with non-stick cooking spray. Pour mixture into molds or directly into small cups for serving. Refrigerate 1-2 hours or overnight until set.
6. To serve Panna Cotta, warm bottom of silicone or glass mold with a warm wet towel and un-mold onto serving dish. Or leave Panna Cotta in small cups & serve.
7. Garnish each serving with a Mini Stroopwafel & a coffee bean.
NOTE: Stroopwafel Creme & Candied Hazelnut optional for a fancy presentation.
(See Daelmans Stroopwafel Creme at Stroopwafel Apple Fantasia recipe)

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