Pistachio Pops

Everybody loves Daelmans stroopwafels and who doesn’t love pistachios?! Put them both together, and have a STROOPWAFEL PARTY POP! KidZ will go KRAZEE & SO WILL YOU!!! Freeze these mini ice cream sandwiches on a stick, roll them in pistachios & watch everybody go NUTZ! 

Pistachio Stroopwafel Pops!

Stroopwafel Pistachio Pops:

| 1 Package(Bag) of Daelmans Caramel Mini-Stroopwafels
| 1 Cup of Chocolate Melting Disks (Ghiraradelli)
| 1 Cup of Crushed Pistachio Nuts
| 1 Pint of Pistachio Ice Cream or Gelato
| 12 Paper Lollipop “Candy Melt” Sticks (Wilton Brand)


1. Melt Chocolate Disks in small saucepan over low heat. Stir with spoon until smooth.
2. Carefully hold Mini-Stroopwafels between thumb & middle finger, and ROLL edges of wafer in melted chocolate, or DIP top half of wafer in melted chocolate.
3. Immediately roll or dip in crushed pistachio nuts.
4. Place on non-stick baking paper & cool till set.
5. Working quickly with a small ice cream scoop or tablespoon to make even portions, place a small scoop
of pistachio ice cream atop a prepared cookie.
6. Place Lollipop Stick in middle of ice cream scoop, & press second cookie firmly on top to close.

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